Wool is not just for Winter anymore

When I started making my designer knit handbags, I wanted my designs to be contemporary and fashionable.  I was very excited to rid some knitting stereotypes and show how beautiful wool knit handbags can be. My love and enthusiasm blinded me from the strong perception of wool.  For most, it is a seasonal yarn associated with cold weather, scarves and sweaters.  As a Designer, and a business woman this was a dilemma.

I wanted my customers to enjoy them all the time and not just for the season.  So I went back to the drawing board.  I made new designs and I chose a light weight wool for my year-round handbags.

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Wool comes in different weights and textures.  My choice was a light weight 100% virgin wool, coated with a natural oil called lanolin. This oil acts as a barrier to moisture while still allowing any liquid that got on it to quickly evaporate. Wool fibers are naturally hygroscopic (meaning it’s incredibly absorbent), retaining up to 40% of its weight in liquid before feeling wet.

Wool is naturally resistant to static electricity.  This was an important design point for me, knowing people will be carrying their laptop computers or personal mobile devices in my handbags.

I also exclusively line my bags with micros-suede lining.  This fabric is strong, has a beautiful texture, and is easy to clean.

These qualities are what makes wool an awesome material to work with and what makes it a great year round bag and usable for any season.

As a Designer, a Knitter, and a Businessperson, I originally wanted to share my excitement about the wonderful work emerging in the world of knit handbags.  A new mission came to the top for me, about spreading the word about the fact that “wool is not just for winter anymore”.


Uhane Knits


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