What’s New for Uhaneknits

Working hard to bring new designs to Uhane knits for the summer. Im having a ball trying out new yarns and patterns. My love for wool haven’t wavered but I absolutely have fell in love with 100%Bamboo yarn. It’s elegant sheen and beautiful texture has been a joy to work with. I’ve also been working with mercerized cotton and my old favorite nylon yarn (that I have faithfully used as an accent to my handbags or for my accessory belts).
I am stepping out of my box & I’m very excited to show a sneak peak very soon.
We will be listing he locations to our vending dates where you will be able to see Uhane knits up close and personal.
Until next time….


How pie can turn into a Handbag

Sometimes coming up with a new design is frustrating .  I have an idea and its hard to make it come to life. But sometimes life ( & hunger)inspires your designs in interesting ways.

My obsession with sweet potato pie starts a little before Thanksgiving and last usually until spring. I love this pie.  While trying to decide on a new design, I kept staring at this yarn thinking “It looks like the color of sweet potato pie”.   I am now finishing the design and the angles of the handbag when it sits on the table takes on this triangular shape. LOL Like a slice of pie.  Will anyone notice… probably not.  But if it sell well, I will be designing hungry for now on. LOL


New things happening for Uhane Knits

Some updates for 2011!!! New look for our website Uhaneknits.com. I needed to simplify things so we scaled down with the website. Our new emails are dgordon@uhaneknits.com & mgordon@uhaneknits.com

New Looks are coming soon. We have some new designs, like a new shoulder bag. I have alot of handbag designs, I wanted to put something different out there.  And new colors too.

I am looking forward to keeping in touch with the blog and updating more often.  So Until Next Time….. Diana 🙂

U gotta luv it

Its 3:13 am, I am working on a custom handbag. I want to go to sleep but the more I do the more I want to do. I know when I finish this bag I can start working on the next. I wish my hands can work faster but as each step is finished, I just want to keep going. Why am I doing this? I know it would be easier (and faster) to just use a knitting and/or sewing machine.

Yes, It would be easier But I luv it. I love the process and artistry of it. I love making my handbags.. by hand, even at 3:13 am. Creating something by hand from start to finish, Its frustrating, time consuming but yet its exciting. I love that this was an idea in my head and now I am making it. And someone out there believes in what I’m doing enough to buy my work, How cool is that. It honestly humbles me.

But even if Uhaneknits.com didn’t exist, I will still be up knitting handbags, dreaming of new ideas and high-fivin’ myself when it comes together @3:13 in the morning… Its a great feeling….U gotta luv it 🙂