Shopping from companies with a conscious

“Be Sweet” is a nice company I found selling beautiful yarns and accessories.
I needed this particular yarn for a new design. I decided to tried their 100% bamboo yarn. It’s the softest yarn I’ve ever felt and you can’t imagine it is made from something as strong and hard as Bamboo.
The cool thing about Be sweet “bamboo” is the yarn was hand dyed by women in South Africa under a jobs creation program. These programs provides the opportunity for women to earn a living within their struggling communities. Be Sweet also donates a portion of their profits to educational development programs in South Africa.
I purchased Be sweet yarn from another online store called One Planet yarns & fibers. They also have a wonderful global consciousness, stating “One of our goals is to represent small independent artisans and companies from every corner of the globe”.
Both these companies have wonderful products and is worth taking a look at. I like that they choose to work with programs that pays the artisan and they express their appreciation for a global market place.
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