How my day turns into “if you give a mouse a cookie”

I love this Children’s book, it’s about what happens to this little boy’s day if he gave a mouse a cookie and the unexpected journey it takes from there.

How my day turns into "give a mouse a cookie"
Book by Laura Joffe Numeroff, Illustrated by Felicia Bond

Its 9:30am, everyone’s at work & school. So I’m sitting at my kitchen table getting ready to work. My  3 yr. old is water painting And I’m just praying he doesn’t come over with his paint brush wanting to “help”.
I get started when I look over to the sink and think “well maybe I should do the dishes first”, then I noticed the fruit punch stains on the counter. So I started scrubbing the counter when I look down and at the kitchen floor. Well since I’m already up, i washed the floors. Wow, it’s time I get lunch for my son. We eat lunch and I do those dishes, when it’s time to play with him. After blocks, my other two boys comes home from school hungry and ready to talk about their day. I settle them in and sit down to work when….
It’s time for homework help. That’s done and wouldn’t you know it time to start dinner. Everyone eats, fights, plays, talks and it’s time for bed. The bed battle ends with no casualties. My husband and I watch tv & catch up on the days events, battles and talk about whatever we have to deal or don’t want to deal with.  It’s 11pm and I am just staring work….I go to bed at 3am and the alarm rings at 6:45am. Time to make sure the troops Leave on time for school… And this is everyday!!!!
I read many books on how to balance a home business and family. With great Suggestions like set work hours and setting a workspace aside in your home so when your family sees u sitting there, they will know “mommy’s working”.  These are great ideas if u can get your family on board.  For now we are a work in progress… where I’m stuck in “if you give a mouse a cookie”

Diana Gordon


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