My creative journey started by watching my mom crochet.  Her mother taught her and whether it was a baby blanket or a full outfit, her pride came through.  Her love for detail and her commitment to making a quality piece influenced me a great deal.

I saw my first knitting pattern over 25 years ago and I fell in love.  As a girl, the knitting pattern was difficult to understand so I taught myself the basics from the step-by-step drawings.  Later, I was able to look at a sweater or blanket and make it.  This proc

ess definitely allowed me feel unconfined by a pattern.  It gave me the freedom and confidence to create my own patterns.  Today, I’m so proud of knitting by hand, joined by my mom and sisters – in – law as we create something hand made and beautiful.

Uhane Knits and Uhaneknits logo is a trademark of the Uhane Knits Handbag Company 2009

Merrill Bag


I think everyone can relate to this exciting feeling, when you hand make something and present it for other to see.  In that moment, you go through every emotion from nervousness to pride.  I feel lucky, because I get to have that “Look what I made” moment with every bag.

Thank U 🙂

Diana Gordon, uhaneknits.com



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