Apps, Can’t live without them.

We all have them, we can’t make it thru the day without them…Our Apps.
I am thankful to these creative people who help me run my business, organize my life and saved my sanity with a little fun.

He is just a few of my favorites
Etsy & EBay –
I buy almost all my supplies from these 2 apps. Supporting other small business is very important to me. While getting great deals, I get to communicate directly with other business owners & artist.

Photogenie2 -irreplaceable!!!
All my photos for my website, business cards & promo items I edit and create with this app. Most of us take our photos with our smartphone, It’s wonderful to take the picture and edit it with such a professional tool

Business Card Designer(By Katsushi)
My new fav, it’s so easy to create custom photo business cards & even discount cards for clients. With no shipping cost or waiting. I can design the professional product the way I want. And I can save, email or send to print right from my phone

Square- changed my life!!!
Swipe credit cards & cash payments right from my phone. It’s so easy, with one swipe we both have the security of their signature and the receipt is immediately sent by email or text. One of my favorites is you can even take a picture to put with on their receipt (so we both can remember).

Here is some others I can’t do without
(love to work while catching up on my movies & tv shows)

Sound hound –
Ever wonder what is the name of that song?
It will pull up the song with the info, song sample, lyrics, you tube choices, last tweets and concert dates. Bonus, it can play my music from my ipod library (with lyrics for me to sing along)

And for fun, Any Dash Game I can’t do without. Hotel Dash, Cooking Dash, Diner Dash & Wedding Dash 🙂

Well this is just a few of my favs, what’s yours?


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