Beyond the Cannabis Controversy



‘Go Green’ style is rooted in durable organic hemp.  It forms the basis for a new eco-friendly fashion trend. “We use materials like wool, soy, organic cotton, bamboo, and even the misunderstood hemp to make our handbags more earth friendly. We create beautiful designs using renewable resources that some may have forgotten are still a viable option,” states, Mannix Gordon, VP for Marketing, Uhane Knits.  “Our passion is to produce hand crafted wearable art for women who appreciate the finer things, demand top quality and want alternatives to synthetics. We hand create for the ‘Fashionista who wants to save the world’.” With global climate change, more than ever there is a growing enthusiasm for sustainable fibers.

As legislative battles to legalize cannabis (a.k.a. herb, weed, marijuana, pot) wage in statehouses around the country focus on medicinal and recreational uses, other beneficial characteristic of the ‘cannabis sativa’ plant family have been overlooked. Still widely underutilized in the U.S. are industrial products of the non-narcotic variation of the cannabis plant. China, Canada, and Europe cultivate and exploit industrial hemp to make food, oil, paper, construction material and even fabric.  “Controversy alone will not stop Uhane knits from supporting and creating with this legal eco-friendly natural resource”, states Gordon. “Because of hemp’s soil enriching qualities, drought tolerance, natural pestilence resistance and low-carbon footprint, hemp is a no-brainer choice for Uhane Knits. They are excited to put the fiber front and center in their new fall line.” Back in 2002, Hawaii became the first state to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp and has become a beacon in the legal struggles for its approval nationwide.

They’ve scoured the world to find the most exotic & luxurious “Go Green” fabrics for trendy handbag lovers and eco-conscious fashion consumers alike. They introduce a new handbag design, ‘Aina, inspired by the designer’s love of Hawaiian culture and a need to focus on the earth. “Aloha ‘aina simply means to love and respect the land, make it yours and claim stewardship for it”, said Puanani Rogers, of the indigenous Hawaiian Ho`okipa Network back in 1996. 15 years later, Uhane Knits Seasons 2011 collection puts a modern twist on ancient craft traditions while reinvigorating eco-chic in handbags.

The wonderful thing about Uhane Knits handbags is an imbedded eco-consciousness; each creation is a unique functional modern work of art unto itself. The intricate woven knit pattern draws your attention to the artisan mastery and simplicity of the design. The versatility and beauty of the fiber are on display in bold color, while the trademark ‘Uhane stitch’ strengthens the transition from the knit facade to a plush inner lining. Striking and unlike anything else available, pictures really do not do them enough justice. You have to see yourself to appreciate the fine artisanship. Gawk in disbelief and try to appreciate the incredible amount of work that goes into each piece. Lovingly handcrafted in the U.S.A., at the price, it is a steal. See more at

Retail prices for their products range from $49 handknit belts, $79 clutches, $249 mid-range handbags, $499 ‘Signature’ large shoulder bags. You can even request Custom embroidery on wool/soy felted models starting at $75. They offer a variety of styles, colors, and decorative options in their fashion line. At heart, Uhane Knits seeks to remain true to their strengths as a homegrown ‘handknit couture’ shop.

Learn more & shop online at – Discuss at the Uhane Knit blog:  – Follow on Facebook & Twitter @ uhaneknits


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