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As a person who loves and carries handbags wherever I go, wool is great because it’s perfect year round.  We all know wool is a great insulator, that it’s wonderful in retaining heat; but did you know that insulation also works both ways?  Wool is great for keeping the cool in too.  Different cultures use wool clothes because it is a breathable material allowing the skin to cool itself during warm weather, and retain heat during cooler weather. Bedouins and Tuaregs mainly use wool clothes to keep the heat out, while the Inuit and Scandinavians mainly use it to keep the heat in through cold winters.

I hear from people that they cannot believe that

someone actually sat there and actually made a knitted bag!

All I can do is smile and say to them, “yes, I did make that

Unlike synthetics and petroleum-based products, wool is the best sustainable choice. It is an organic product, eco-friendly and is better for the environment without the chemical processes.  Done right, hand shearing does not harm the animals & free range herding is preferred. Organic wool just happens to be my favorite, but there are many other types of yarn to choose. Distinctive yarns comes from countries near & far.

For example, I use wool-soy blends made in China that are heavier and are great for colder climates. Nylon blended yarn are very sturdy and springy, so I use them for many of our belts and bag straps. There are lightweight wools (Morocco) and heavier wools (Italy). There is super-chunky, chunky, lightweight, sock yarns, and many width and thread sizes.

Making Bedouin Wool Yarn / Eyal Dor Ofer – Yaldor Photography

Making Bedouin Wool Yarn

Again, with various colors and sizes, the possibilities are endless. Countries such as Peru make very distinctive quality wool yarn that dyes well.

 I just hope that I can come up with the perfect bag for the season and satisfy the needs of the individual customer.

'Aina Hemp Handbag on Billboard

'Aina Hemp Handbag on Store Billboard

I have starting experimenting with other materials to create more seasonal looks. Soon, we will be incorporating yarn made of cotton, hemp and other natural fibers.  Stay tuned!  Each new fiber has its own inherent and unique qualities, but that is a topic for another discussion.  Still, to me, wool is my most vibrant, year-round and staple choice. It is an awesome fabric and makes perfect sense year round.  Uhane Knits handbags come in lots of  shapes, colors and styles.

When I began Uhane Knits, I wanted to not only change people’s perceptions about hand knit designs but also open their minds to the possibilities of what organic and eco-friendly material  can be. I wanted to bring out the spirit of the material and hopefully mold it with my own passion to create lovely and functional women’s accessories.  I knew even as a girl that knitting could be used for more than just socks, sweaters & scarves. I believed that it could even be used to make designer handbags. I knew that wool could be worn with style any season & for any occasion.

Wool is still underappreciated in the design of handbags. I think it is because of a simple lack of knowledge of the material and its wonderfulness.  People may not consider the material because they may think of it only in winter, just for warmth, for hats and scarves, not for handbags. This offers us at Uhane Knits a great opportunity.

It is our mission & our slogan to get the word out to people that wool is for every season

I hope this treatise and the information within will enlighten you as it has for me.  Can you now see yourself wearing quality wool even between the months of May and October? Now you know a little more about my favorite fabric, my love for wool and more than most people about what goes into an Uhane Knits handbag.

After reading the “Case for Handknit Handbags”, now you can explain with authority to anyone who looks puzzled about you wearing wool in the spring.

Cynthia Diane

Cynthia Diane Shoulder Bag in Wool / Soy Blend

Even in July, armed with this knowledge, you will be able to explain to them why “Wool is not just for winter” and can tell them the facts of why it be can enjoyed year round!  So go wear your wool, anytime, with pride.  Thank you for reading.

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