Uhane Knits Joins Fashion Industry Network

Fashion Industry Network Badge

Professional Fashion Network

Last week, I started reaching out on the web to try to find that special network that will take us to the next level.  I found the Fashion Industry Network and it holds promise.  The Website has a Facebook feel and you can add friends and your company.  But the most interesting thing to us is the ability to connect with forward thinking and like-minded industry people.

I am enthusiastic to be able to connect with Boutique owners, publicists, and other fashion designers who can get the Uhane Knits label into the public eye.  We are grateful as a company to be a part of this organization and to be accepted as a members of the (sub-groups / discussion groups):
Boutique Owners & Fashion Boutique Buyers
Handbags : Handbag Group
Journalists – Writers – Editors – Authors
Organic Clothing & Organic Fabrics

We are looking for opportunities to show, sell, and above all find our ultimate muse to model.  Any serious business relationships are welcome. Find us on this network and friend us at: FashionIndustryNetwork.com

Visit Fashion Industry Network




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