U gotta luv it

Its 3:13 am, I am working on a custom handbag. I want to go to sleep but the more I do the more I want to do. I know when I finish this bag I can start working on the next. I wish my hands can work faster but as each step is finished, I just want to keep going. Why am I doing this? I know it would be easier (and faster) to just use a knitting and/or sewing machine.

Yes, It would be easier But I luv it. I love the process and artistry of it. I love making my handbags.. by hand, even at 3:13 am. Creating something by hand from start to finish, Its frustrating, time consuming but yet its exciting. I love that this was an idea in my head and now I am making it. And someone out there believes in what I’m doing enough to buy my work, How cool is that. It honestly humbles me.

But even if Uhaneknits.com didn’t exist, I will still be up knitting handbags, dreaming of new ideas and high-fivin’ myself when it comes together @3:13 in the morning… Its a great feeling….U gotta luv it 🙂


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