“Go Green” New Alternatives for the Fashionista who wants to save the world

A vegetarian textile like hemp is not just used to make clothes such as jackets and dresses. It is also used in producing clothing accessories ranging from shoes to purses and rucksacks. As hemp is weather-resistant, it is an excellent material for outdoor wear, according to EarthEasy.com, a Long Island based eco-fashion company.[i]

“Let’s be clear, beyond the obvious stereotype, Uhane Knits endorses the ecologically sound nationwide cultivation of industrial hemp.” Mannix Gordon, VP for Marketing, Uhane Knits states, “We want to sell fabulous handbags while at the same time educating the world on the wonders of all natural & organic fibers like hemp and wool, and organic cotton, soy & bamboo”. We also make an effort to use recycled products in our handbags’ hardware and decorative elements. We do use some synthetic based, animal hide and machine made products like in our zippers, brioches, handles and bottoms sometimes, but we prefer organic fibers the best. We just want to buy hemp here in the U.S.”

Gordon goes on to ask, “It’s an economically sound and viable option to integrate vintage in our designs; why not try to lower our carbon footprint when making our fashion designs? Her further states, “Yes, other fabrics may be cheaper nowadays, but the cumulative effect of the processing petroleum synthetics on our planet is devastating. This is our little way for our cottage company to take a stand in ‘going green’”.

Though the stigma still lingers, some brave celebrities like Kate Moss [ii], Woody Harrelson[iii], and others have been vocal in endorsing hemp fashion and are strutting out in style in hemp clothes. Some famous fashion designers, including Calvin Klein[iv] and Ralph Lauren[v] are including hemp-made accessories in their fashion lines. Associations like Hemp Industries Association, HempUSA, Friends of Cannabis & Vote Hemp [vi] have endorsed eco-conscious, renewable hemp-based materials on their websites. They have various links including where to buy hemp clothes along with appeals for the public to help repeal the federal cannabis prohibition. They have also made the “Go Green” choice and more consumers now demand organic, back to earth conscious design in their fashion selections. ‘Go Green’ is the hallmark of an exciting new budding industry, no pun intended, as well as our company’s philosophy.” Gordon quips, “We think our ganja growing founding fathers would approve of our new Hemp line. Uhane Knits has made a bold stand endorsing the cultivation of hemp to outfit the eco-conscious Fashionista in the U.S. and around the world.” More information on the line, our online store and about us can be found on the website at http://uhaneknits.com

They’ve scoured the world to find the most exotic & luxurious “Go Green” fabrics for trendy handbag lovers and eco-conscious fashion consumers alike. They introduce a new handbag design, ‘Aina, inspired by the designer’s love of Hawaiian culture and a need to focus on earth. “Aloha ‘aina simply means to love and respect the land, make it yours and claim stewardship for it”, said Puanani Rogers[vii], of the indigenous Hawaiian Ho`okipa Network back in 1996. 15 years later, The Uhane Knits Seasons Collection 2011 collection puts a modern twist on an ancient tradition.

Uhane Knits celebrates this return to a simpler time of handmade hand knit fashion. They use eco-friendly fabrics and are introducing a new Hemp Collection of Artisan Designed Handbags for the fall 2011-12 Season. Adhering to their values of “made in the U.S.A.”, of using natural and sustainable fabrics and imbuing each bag with quality artisanship, Uhane Knits revives an ancient craft. We use recycled & vintage decorative elements sometimes found in grandma’s trunk. With the hemp line, we now offer the consumer a stylish alternative “Go Green” choice when purchasing fashion accessories. Gordon boasts

Sources / Endnotes

[i] Hemp Clothing Information | eHow.com Benefits: For some people, one of the main benefits of hemp textiles is the fact it is organic. Hemp fiber also makes a durable textile, and has a longer life than many other fabrics due to the hemp plant’s elongated fibers.

[ii] CelebrityStyleGuide.com Kate Moss shows off her stylish hemp top – Celebrity Style Magazine Article

[iii] People.com Woody Harrelson shows off his hemp suit – People Magazine Article: Woody’s Oasis

[iv] FriendsOfCannabis.com Calvin Klein, ““I believe that hemp is going to be the fiber of choice in both the home furnishings and fashion industries.” Supporters say hemp is a good fiber for textiles because it is stronger than cotton, warmer than linen and more absorbent than nylon. Last year, imported hemp products made more than $25 million in sales. Designer Ralph Lauren disclosed he secretly used hemp fabric for his clothing as early as 1984. Calvin Klein predicted hemp will become the “fiber of choice” and Georgio Armani said he is developing a line of sportswear made from hemp fabric. source: The New York Times

[v] Ralph Lauren fashion collection

[vi] VoteHemp.org a national, single-issue, non-profit advocacy group founded in 2000 by members of the hemp industry to remove barriers to industrial hemp farming in the U.S. through education, legislation and advocacy. Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, oilseed and fiber varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp has absolutely no use as a recreational drug.

[vii] Sustainable measures.com For native Hawaiians, sustainable development is part of their traditional lifestyle. Groups of families have traditionally lived in areas defined by from the tops of the volcanos ridges down to the sea. Each group maintained a lifestyle that could be supported by the area in which they lived. This definition comes from a speech given by Puanani Rogers, Team Leader for the Ho`okipa Network at a conference at Lihu`e, Kaua’i in Hawaii in October of 1996.


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